A Trophy Buckle for Every Occasion

In our competitive, high-pressure world, recognition is more important than ever. But, really, who wants an engraved plaque mounted on a fake slice of wood? They are SO 1960's. Instead, think trophy buckle.

Who wants a plastic, chrome plated obelisk dominating their living room? Not too many of us. Think trophy buckle.

2008 Nature Valley Alpine Ski Championships

2008 Nature Valley Alpine Ski Championships

Award Buckles by
Gold Mountain Mining Co.

Trophy Buckle G952


3" x 4"
2 Ribbons +
Date Trim



A trophy buckle is the perfect recognition gift. Firstly, a trophy buckle is special. Choose from 90 styles here at Gold Mountain Trading and configure it any way you wish with colors, personalized lettering or engraving, and one of 500 figures from our figures catalog. Or even your personal brand or logo. But perhaps the idea of a trophy buckle chosen from 90 styles (and almost infinitely configurable) still isn't as unique as you would like. Well, let us custom design and manufacture your trophy buckle from the ground up! Tell us the basics of what you want on your truly custom trophy buckle and let us design something fantastic. Or send us your drawing and we will send you back your personally designed trophy buckle in as little as three weeks!

What Do You Want From Your Trophy Buckle?

Whatever it is you are hoping for from a trophy buckle, Gold Mountain Trading can do it. Our family has been in the jewelry industry for three generations and started working with the trophy buckle industry leader, Montana Silversmiths, since it was a young upstart back in 1970's. But every silversmith has its own specialties and unique capabilities when creating a trophy buckle, so we now work with four other wonderful silversmiths.

Perhaps you are hoping for a pewter trophy buckle; we know just the guy to do it. Maybe you are looking for a trophy buckle that is contemporary and not in the traditional fancy western type of look. We know who will do it for you. Do you want a German silver trophy buckle? Do you want a sterling silver trophy buckle? Or perhaps somewhere in between, a sterling silver overlay trophy buckle. We're telling you straight out: whatever you have in mind for a trophy buckle, and whatever your budget, Gold Mountain Trading will deliver right to your door.

A Trophy Buckle Delivered to Every Country in the World

Well, it almost seems that way sometimes. Nothing is more fun than looking on the fax and finding a trophy buckle order from Indonesia or Chile! We really can't appropriately communicate how satisfying this is.

We have built a trophy buckle for thousands of customers all over the world. They love the quality of their trophy buckle. They love the service we provided as we worked to together to develop the design of their trophy buckle. But most of our trophy buckle customers don't even speak with us directly, as we simply watch in amazement every time a new, highly configured trophy buckle order shows up here at The Mine.

The Type of Trophy Buckle You Want Depends on Your Needs

You may wish to recognize your employees for production or safety. A trophy buckle is fantastic way to do it. His or her trophy buckle will arrive in a beautiful, royal blue velveteen clamshell box, ready for presentation. Developers have been known to commission a trophy buckle to commemorate their project, giving them away to their first batch of customers. Resorts like to sell their own, unique trophy buckle in their on-site gift store. Western art competitions like to give away a trophy buckle to their best and brightest.

In the end, a trophy buckle is about recognition. But, even more, it is about tradition. And you can be assured that a trophy buckle from Gold Mountain Mining Co. is an heirloom quality item, sure to be passed down through the generations of your family.


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    Nita Pace
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