Reviews of Gift Sites

American Fudge

Holy smokes ... peanut butter fudge! Who can resist? It may be hard, but it a phone number and physical address will be appreciated by all customers. Although site advertises multiple credit cards, PayPal seems to be the only option.

Gift Baskets by Serendipity

No-nonsense site with the secure, Yahoo shopping cart.

The Gift Basket Stop

Amazing how many sites are dedicated to gift baskets ... who knew? This appears to be a gift basket site where the baskets are actually made on site -- right there in Galt, California -- not simply a reseller for someone else.


Not only can you add the tune of your choice to various music boxes, but who can resist a large and lovely snow globe selection? Our favorite is Lucille Ball "Vitameatavegamin" model ... remember that episode, old timers?

Candles by DGB

They say they search the world over for candles ... hey, somebody's got to do it! They ain't kiddin' about variety. Everything you can imagine in a candle is probably right here.

Gift Baskets, Etc.

This site has that "Kountry Klutter" look that, apparently, makes many of us warm and "kozy". A fascinating sub-culture of American commerce: plush bears, potpourri and fruit cheesecakes. Wow, these guys have a lot of stuff! Like many sites, this one lacks About Us information.

Joe Grossinger

Joe seems to have his own little empire going, what with such a wide and fun array of items. The Zippo lighters are so cool they make one want to pick up smoking! And hip flasks ... who knew!?

the gift shoppe

Many, many gift ideas here. No physical address listed. Jewelry is not refundable.

Pass The Popcorn

We admit to having a soft spot for a family-owned business, especially here in Arizona where, well, candidly, corporate retail is king. Take just one look at the photo of Chris & Nina and you know you can trust these guys.

Gifts for Women

A compendium of online shopping for women's products, with emphasis on e-stores based in the United Kingdom.

Super Shops

A compendium of online shopping, with emphasis on e-stores based in the United Kingdom.

America's Christmas Cards

Very well organized and designed site inspires confidence, although lack of an About Us page leaves you wondering who you'll be sending your money to.

Arizona Creative Edge Art
Really impressive! This site has some impressive JavaScript slide show stuff right on the home page, but it doesn't get in the way of a fast page load. Located in historic Oatman, Arizona, an old mining town not too far from Gold Mountain Mining Company.

An Elegant Connection

Utilizes a "splash" page prior to getting to the home page ... the customer has to click the Enter button before getting past all the marketing copy. Needless to say, I'm personally not thrilled with these devices. Bring on the good stuff asap, I say. If you're into chachkies, keepsakes and draftstoppers, this is the place for you.

CJF Enterprises

Well organized, but not very personal. About Us page doesn't say who you're dealing with, although it's refreshing to see them acknowledge customer service as a priority. Since the owners of a website is public record I don't understand why these folks don't put themselves on their About Us page.

D & B Photo Albums

Bravo! Here's a site that actually talks about the owners. Makes ya feel like you're dealing with real people. This site is very well organized and cleanly designed.

Deja You Gifts

Lots and lots of stuff crammed onto the home page. Not exactly pretty but it's probably liked by search engines. Need a Golf Dice Game? Or a Dragon / Castle scene? Or how about a Free Gift?Man, these guys sell everything!

Gift Net
A very democratic site ... allows just about anyone who sells stuff to be listed. This can be good, of course, as just about any merchant would love to have free links to their site. Possibly bad, though, as God-knows-who can be listed with this free form of advertising. It appears this site supports itself by selling ad space.

Great Plains Gifts
"Cast My Vote!" "Vote For Us!" ... I've never understood why a webmaster would want to put such tack things on their website, especially an e-commerce site. To my mind, a merchant should do all they can to reinforce their legitimacy to their customers and these tacky "Top 100" things don't help. This site uses frames, which did not always work well on my Opera browser. Their dynamic sidebar menu did not revert when I went to the home page.

Meteorites Plus
Cool! Who would have thought there is a mrket for meteorites? Not only that, but these guys have 'em for "at affordable prices"! It is fascinating to look at all these "rocks". No About Us page here.

Old World Nutcrackers
Interesting concept: combine the "Old World" with a very modern, graphically-designed website. More than just nutcrackers, you can find just about anything Teutonic and cozy here. How about a "Santa on Sled Musical German Smoker"? About Us page is really a Contact Us page. Who are these guys, that's what I always want to know. But I like the conspicuously posted 800 number.

Outlets at Anthem
These guys are good, marketing-wise. This is the home of Gold Mountain Mining Company. A relatively new owner to our mall has turned this place into a palace, right down to the almost million-dollar bathrooms. And it shows in this very professional web site.

Premiere Holiday Cards
Very cute cards. Page load quickly. Misspelling in navigation bar and lack of About Us page.

The Bargain Monkey
This site is a re-seller for others, or what the web world like to call affiliates. One vendor or web site will form an agreement with The Bargain Monkey to sell their products on their behalf. There is no About Us page, and the Contact Us link simply creates an e-mail message using your e-mail program. That said, the Disclaimer linked from the bottom of the home page is quite revealing!

Top Notch Gift Shop

Chocolate, Nike gold shirts, Bocce Ball sets. No About Us page and the Contact Us link simply creates an e-mail message. 10 day return policy. Slick graphic design.

Unique Box Shop

It's hard to not like this site. Russian and Belarus boxes are so adorable and quite amazing in their workmanship. Company Info page gives us the story of how they started, but there's no information about who these folks are.


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