Personalized Belt Buckles for the Whole Band

"Yes, that's it! Personalized Belt Buckles!" said Johnny "Thumper" Johnson, the bass player and manager for Apocalypse Ding Dong, a hot, post-funkadelic "groove thang" band hailing from Sheboygan. Thumper was scouring the internet with their lead singer, Charlie "The Lips" Davantes, for some way to give his group of eclectic musicians a way to unify without losing their individuality.

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"Just look at this site: You can tell these guys are on the up and up," he said. "Personalized belt buckles are perfect."

Personalized Belt Buckles - You Either Get It or You Don't

"What you are talkin' about, dude?" asked The Lips. "Personalized belt buckles? Man, I just don't get it."

"Look," said Thumper, "these personalized belt buckles rock! Can't you see it? We all get this same style but have our own names on them."

A glaze formed over Lips' eyes. He was starting to get it. Personalized belt buckles from would be awesome! He can just see it: THE LIPS spelled out in big gold letters on a big, juicy belt buckle. Oh, yeah … up there on stage at Al's Greasy Eats, belting out his famous cover of "A Hard Day's Night" and his adoring fans making no mistake (thanks to his big and bold, fancy schmancy belt buckle) that, although his mom may have named him Charlie, he's known in the world of rock and roll as, simply "The Lips".

Behold! An Epiphany about Personalized Belt Buckles

"Right on!" he exclaimed. "You are a god-like genius, Mr. Thumper Man." Thumper was excited to tell the others in Ding Dong about the personalized belt buckles idea. Of course, the back-up chicks would have to pick out a girly style. But heck, between their trophy buckles, figure buckles, and personalized name buckles, has 200 styles of personalized belt buckles to pick from. Finding those "just right" personalized belt buckles for the girls would be a snap.

Thumper and The Lips sat quiet for a few moments, looking through the scores of styles of personalized belt buckles.

Drinks All Around … as well as Personalized Belt Buckles

"All right, Thumper," said The Lips. "We have now established that you are quite capable of outstanding bouts of inspiration. I'm looking at these awesome personalized belt buckles from and it's obvious that they are offering these at some really good prices. But we still have to come up with the scratch!"

"Let me ask you something," said Thumper. "When was our last gig?"

"Uh, last night?" said The Lips with a "duh" look on his face.

"And how much did you spend on those New York Lemonades you so highly cherish?" asked Thumper.

"About forty bucks," said The Lips.

"Well, for the same cost of two nights kickin' 'em back, you could be the proud owner of personalized belt buckles from! Check this out: a Custom Name Belt Buckle is just $78.99. Dude, this is something your kids will keep around long after you've moved on!"

Personalized Belt Buckles Are Needs, Not Just Wants

The Lips knew that Thumper was right. He knew that personalized belt buckles from was more than just a necessity, it had become a downright need. If Apocalypse Ding Dong was to ever have a chance to make it into the big time, The Lips had to convince Junior and Cheeky, and Schleppo and everyone else in their band that they really, really had to start trusting Thumper. He is the one with the vision and, God knows, nothing gets done without vision. And, yes, right now, the vision pouring out of Thumper's brain was to acquire some really outstanding personalized belt buckles from There's no doubt that when the rest of the band hears about what will later be come to be known as the Personalized Belt Buckles Inspiration, well, they will surely all fall into line pretty darned quickly. The Personalized Belt Buckles Inspiration (and the subsequent purchase from will go down in the annals of Apocalypse Ding Dong history as the seminal moment when all things turned positive for this soon-to-be legendary band. Ten years from now, "The Compleat Apocalypse Ding Dong Story" will be a best seller, and a generation will learn that when you really, really want something bad enough, you will find a way. Just like Thumper and the "Dongers" did back in the day when they skimped and scraped and saved to acquire for each of them personalized belt buckles from Just imagine what any of these personalized belt buckles will go for at auction in twenty years!

The Personalized Belt Buckles Source

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