The Most Initial Belt Buckles Anywhere

200 styles of initial belt buckles are available at Yes, you read that correctly, but we will write it again because we know it may be difficult to take in: initial belt buckles may be ordered in 200 unique styles through You will not find a larger selection of initial belt buckles - or better service, than right here.

Initial Belt Buckles by Montana Silversmiths

Initial Belt Buckles (Out of Stock)

Choose From 2 Styles


Custom Trophy Belt Buckles

Custom Trophy Belt Buckles

Any of our 100 Trophy Buckle styles may be ordered with initials

Custom Figure Buckles

Custom Figure Buckles

Convert any of our 100 Figure Buckle styles into initial belt buckles

Three types of Initial Belt Buckles

Initial belt buckles are available three different ways:

First, we have our pre-made initial belt buckles. These are currently available in three different styles. Just place your order and there's no waitin' - we'll ship your initial belt buckles to you right from our inventory here at

The other two types of initial belt buckles are made to order just for by the good folks at Montana Silversmiths.

So, the second type of initial belt buckles we have for you are our Figure Buckles, of which we have 100 styles for your shopping pleasure. Choose from small to very large initial belt buckles designs. Some are finished in two-toned silver and gold, others include colored enamel, black nickel and your choice of stones. Once you gone through all of these initial belt buckles, go ahead and select the style of initial lettering you prefer from our Figures Catalog. Place your order at or give us a call at 1-800-474-9111 and we will get started on building your initial belt buckles right away.

The final category of buckles that can display initials are our Trophy Buckles. Just like with our Figure Buckles, just find the style you like and then find the lettering style you like. Badda-boom, badda-bing … you've got yourself any number of initial belt buckles. The only difference between Figure Buckles and Trophy Buckles is that trophy buckles are designed to allow to display - in addition your initial or initials - other characters like "Westmoreland Rodeo" or Two-Hands Poker Tournament". So, in both cases, you are essentially "converting" figure buckles or trophy buckles into initial belt buckles by requesting raised lettering instead of a figure in the display area of the buckle.

Your Initial Belt Buckles Experts

So here's the deal: we at know there are a heck of a lot of you out there who want initial belt buckles. Shoot, we wear initial belt buckles ourselves! So we know that initial belt buckles don't just keep your bloomers up. We at are the initial belt buckles experts. We know initial belt buckles very well, and initial belt buckles are one of the things we are known for. So if you're looking for initial belt buckles, you're at the right place. When you think initial belt buckles, think, your #1 resource for initial belt buckles.


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