All Kinds of Western Belt Buckle

"Western Belt Buckle" What comes to mind when someone says "western belt buckle" to you? Do you immediately think of Is it those big, honkin' western belt buckles that are often so lovingly referred to as "dinner plates"? Or maybe in you mind's eye you instead see an old-fashioned antiqued brass western belt buckle. You know, the kind of western belt buckle showing a nice western scene, all sculpted and pretty in three dimensions. Or, just maybe, when you think of a western belt buckle, you see in your imagination and gorgeous bling buckle with hundreds of bright, shiny stones?

Well, no matter what sort of western belt buckle you are looking for, the chances are great that we have one for you. As the largest dealer for Montana Silversmiths western belt buckle, really, really knows what the western belt buckle business is all about. Our relationship with Montana Silversmiths dates back to the early 1980's and we have always made the western belt buckle the centerpiece of their lineup of goods.

Western Belt Buckle Features

Some people refer to trophy buckles as a western belt buckle. Well, of course: that's what we in the business refer to as a "no brainer." Others refer to figure buckles as a western belt buckle. Yes, we at Gold Mountain Trading heartily agree! Figure buckles are indeed just one more type of western belt buckle. All of these have all the hallmarks we've come to expect from a western belt buckle: 1) hardware on the back to allow fast and easy attachment and detachment; 2) an oval or scalloped share; 3) intricate raised western filigree metalwork; 4) intricate engraved western filigree. From there, the sky's the limit with just many designs / styles of western belt buckle the good folks at Montana Silversmiths can come up with!

The first specimens of western belt buckle to appear in the public consciousness came out of Hollywood. It used to be that we only saw cowboys in western movies wearing suspenders, but then someone in Hollywood at some point saw big, bright and flashy western belt buckle and knew that it would look great on the silver screen. The rest, as they say, was western belt buckle history. And Gold Mountain Trading has been part of that history.

Western Belt Buckle Scene

Here on the Gold Mountain Trading, we offer many of the 10,000 western items offered in the Montana Silversmiths catalog. And this includes, of course, a western belt buckle for the kids, men and women in your life.

We at are experts on the western belt buckle scene. The western belt buckle is what we know, and the western belt buckle is what we're known for. So if you're looking for a western belt buckle, you're on the right site.


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