Trophy Buckles - Not To Be Hidden!

"Trophy buckles should be worn!" screamed grandpa Cyrus. At least to the extent he could scream. Well into his 90's, C.M., (as we knew him; short for Cyrus McGuillicuddy) was a proud man, who spent more of his rodeo days on a bronc rather off. We here at knew Cyrus pretty well, but his Marlboro lifestyle was starting to catch up with him and lung capacity was just a bit diminished.

Trophy Buckle 3812


3½" x 4½"



Rodeo Trophy Buckle 1953BE  |  Montana Silversmiths


3¾" x 4 5/8"
3 Ribbons



"I'm telling ya," he said, "you just don't put Trophy Buckles in a drawer and walk away!"

Then his eyes got misty, and voice hushed. "You want the entire world to see your Trophy Buckles. Rodeo is the only sport where the top contenders are given awards that meant to be worn, and Trophy Buckles are top of the heap!"

100 Styles of Trophy Buckles

He's right: Trophy Buckles from are meant to be worn. Even though you will receive your Trophy Buckles from us in beautiful, deep royal blue velveteen cases, these are presentation cases, not storage cases! Take a look at our 100 styles of custom trophy belt buckles … we bet you'll have a tough time coming up with any five that are not downright gorgeous. Built by the best known silversmith on the planet, Montana Silversmiths, Trophy Buckles from just scream for attention. Trophy Buckles from Montana Silversmiths are available in sterling silver or the rugged, legendary MONTANA ARMOR™ finish. In sterling silver you receive the finest, hand-crafted Trophy Buckles available anywhere. Just for a quote.

MONTANA ARMOR™ Trophy Buckles

But let us at tell you about the amazing MONTANA ARMOR™ finish. After we have carefully reviewed your order and forwarded it along to the artisans at Montana Silversmiths, they will begin work on your Trophy Buckles using hand engraved masters. These electroplated Trophy Buckles start with a base of pure brass (also known to some as bronze). Then the engraving and raised lettering is applied to your Trophy Buckles one character at a time. Yes, that's right: the engraving and jeweler's lettering is one of the first things to happen in the production process of Trophy Buckles. The famous Montana Silver and gold electroplating is then carefully applied to the Trophy Buckles, along with a tarnish-free and chip-resistant coating that is a proprietary trade secret. It is this coating that makes MONTANA ARMOR™ Trophy Buckles from true heirloom pieces.

A Revolution in Trophy Buckles

The chances are pretty darned good that you started staring at Trophy Buckles when you were just waist high, or even smaller. Trophy Buckles are integral to the western heritage, just as much part of your lifestyle as a good pair of chaps or your favorite cowboy hat. And now has brought about a revolution in commissioning Trophy Buckles!

  1. Click on any of our 100 trophy buckles images at
  2. Select your options, such as stones, colors and event figures.
  3. Click the "Calculate Cost" button and - badda boom, badda bing! - a hard quote for your Trophy Buckles is displayed for you. Click Checkout and your trophy buckles magically appear at your doorstep in a few short weeks.

Your Trophy Buckles Experts

Far and wide, Trophy Buckles are what we at are known for. We have worked with Montana Silversmiths since the early 80's and are thrilled to offer their quality product at such great prices. So if you're looking for Trophy Buckles, you're at the right place.


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