Trophy Belt Buckles & The Champion

Jerry Jon Best had never seen so many trophy belt buckles. The first and last man to ride the legendary bull, Hellacious, was addressing this season's bull riding class. "I'm tellin' you boys, I've been in this game for a lot of years and I have never seen such an incredible selection of trophy belt buckles.

Jerry's curriculum had been going as planned, as it had in past years, but last night, over a nice creamy mug of sasparilla, a student, Jasper, had introduced him to

"Holy Bejeezuz!" said Jerry. "I can't believe what yer showin' me!"

Feather Trophy Buckle


3¾" x 4¾"
3 Ribbons, Date Trim & Stones



"Believe it," said Jasper.

Jerry scrolled the computer screen down, down, down … but there seemed no end to the selection of trophy belt buckles at There were dozens of styles, some with raised lettering, some in black nickel, some were three piece sets.

A Trove of Trophy Belt Buckles

"I counted 'em up." said Jasper. "I think there's like a hundred of 'em."

"Well, you certainly ain't chiselin' me, Jasper."

There he was, Jerry Jon Best, a living legend, hunched in a dark room over a glowing screen, foam on his moustache, mouth open. For a few moments, silence. Then, something ominous. He slowly turned in the old oak office chair and looked Jasper square in the eye.

"My friend, we are witnessing a revolution in trophy belt buckles. Not only does offer 100 styles, but nowhere else can you order trophy belt buckles so easily! I mean, take look at this interface! Okay, so I downloaded the catalog of custom buckle figures. That took just a jiffy. I tell these folks what figure I want (a bull rider of course!), type out my engraving and presto-change-o! we've ordered ourselves some gorgeous Montana Silversmiths trophy belt buckles! Unheard of. Unbelievable!"

Right about now, Jasper was feeling pretty darned smug. Even though he hadn't exactly been showing with ace-high bull riding performances there at Jerry's school, at least he was able to get kinda chummy with this living legend.

Then Jerry almost choked on his sasparilla. As he spoke his next sentence, each word grew more intense then the last.

"Now hold on just ONE DARNED MINUTE!"

Anyone who knew Jerry for but a day could count on him to act ... unconstrained.

"Look at this, Jassy … sez here is part of Gold Mountain Trading, which is … HECK! These are my old friends! You ever been to Gold Mountain Trading? These are good, upright folks. And creative, too. I shoulda known they was behind this whole trophy belt buckles do-hickey."

Sugar Plums & Trophy Belt Buckles

Jerry had a tough time sleeping that night. As you've surely gathered by now, he was one to get himself kinda riled up when the occasion demanded. The thing is, Jerry was not only a legendary bull rider, but he'd spent countless hours volunteering with FFA and horse clubs and shooting clubs and, well, you pretty much name the western sport and this enterprising man probably had his hands in it. And every one of these groups had competitions, and tradition going back decades (and centuries) was that competitions awarded trophy belt buckles to the top contenders. An event without trophy belt buckles would be like a cowboy without his boots ... it just don't seem natural. Anyway, it was more than few times that Jerry had d seen 4-H moms pulling their hair out as they slogged through the cumbersome process of getting some nice, affordable trophy belt buckles delivered on time.

He'd seen them order from an unknown company and the trophy belt buckles that arrived just looked junky. He'd seem wonderful ladies finally find an affordable source for trophy belt buckles only to find out that delivery would be months and months away. But he also knew that Montana Silversmiths trophy belt buckles (as offered at were the best of the best, with the legendary MONTANA ARMOR™ finish. He cared so much for these wonderful, thankless moms that he just couldn't wait to tell them all about ordering trophy belt buckles.

But this would have to wait because Jerry Jon Best had a bull riding school to attend to.

Visualize Trophy Belt Buckles

After a hearty breakfast all the tough guys assembled for their morning huddle.

"All right boys, listen up," said Jerry from his makeshift podium. "What are ya'll here for?"

After a silence, Billy Ray said "To learn from the Master!"

Jimmy Joe said "To ride bulls!"

Billy Bob said "To learn how to be the best!"

Jerry played along and pretended to contemplate their answers. "Anyone else?"


"By gum … you are here to win TROPHY BELT BUCKLES!" the temperamental champion screamed. "THAT is what this is all about."

He let his words settle in.

"Now, when we're done with this morning's first round, we're gonna huddle 'round the computer and take a look at Each of ya is goin' to look at all those styles of trophy belt buckles and pick one - just one - as yer favorite. We're gonna click all the way through to get to that big, juicy high resolution photograph and print it up in livin' color. You are gonna keep that photo with you at all times, just like she was yer high school sweetheart. You are going to visualize having won those trophy belt buckles. I'm tellin' you boys, I've been in this game for a lot of years and I have never seen such an incredible selection of trophy belt buckles as I have"


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    Nita Pace
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