Rodeo Superstitions

Rodeo Superstitions

Here are some interesting superstitions carried to this day by the cowboys and cowgirls, at least here in the U.S. Superstitions exist in many sports (like football and, especially, baseball) and this includes rodeo. Superstitions are an integral part of the rich history of rodeo

  • Don't wear yellow in the rodeo arena.
    You don't want to be called "yella" do ya? (Yella was an expression used some decades ago to label someone a coward.)

  • Always shave the day of a performance.
    You really must show full respect for the dangerous endeavor in which you are about to engage.

  • Wear different colored socks.
    Baseball players believe this as well.

  • Empty your pockets of change before competing.
    You don't want to give out the wrong message to the cosmos that you already have enough money. Remember, except for the very rare superstars, rodeo competitors mostly live hand-to-mouth, making just enough (hopefully) in each contest to cover the entry fee for then next one.

  • Stay away from peanuts and popcorn
    Another carry-over from baseball. Most people think this is because they are small and dry so you don't want to risk them getting stuck in your throat. But sunflower seeds are okay for baseball, so go figure.

  • Paper cup kicking is a no-no!
    Some horses will spook when the cups blow out.

  • Saddle bronc riders mount first only with the right foot.
    Ralph Clark says this may actually be a "direct link from the modern cowboy (to) the knight (sic) of Medieval Europe. Passed from Spanish knights called Caballeros on to the Vaquero and then the cowboy." The left side, he says, was considered evil. Fascinating!

  • Don't read your horoscope before a competition.
    This is all well and good, but our suggestion is to never read these anyway because they're just a bunch of malarkey.

Please email us any others you know about (or practice yourself!) Hey, non-U.S. customers! Are these true in your country?


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