Reviews: Western & Old West Links

Ghost Town Pix
We Americans forget that our good neighbors in the Great White North also had their ownshare of fortune-seekers-through-resource-extraction. Some very nice (and sometimes creepy) photographs here. Please also check out our own Arizona Ghost Town section here on our own site.

Harry Rowell Family
Really, you've just got to take a read on this website. There are some really wonderful stories of this very colorful family here. Most people don't like to to spend time reading much these days, much less when they're staring at a computer screen, but you really owe it to yerself to take a gander.

West Bros. Saddlery
Believe it or not, these guys really ARE named "West" and really are brothers ... it's not a marketing gimmick! you can tell just by looking at the photos on their website that their products are first-rate.

Jaxonbilt Hat Company
These guys make the real McCoy: hand-built hats one-at-a-time. Gotta love the photo on their About Us page of their shop under the mountains in Salmon, Idaho.

Grapevine Canyon Ranch
Ahhhh ... to be in the Great Outdoors. Not too many places in world can rival southern Arizona. If you visit, be sure to check out the Chiracauha Mountains ... truly one-of-a-kind.

Larry Hannon
This gentleman has many talents! Even though he didn't write his first song until 1992, he'll surely be remembered for his many music albums, all on BMI.

Line Shack Trading Post
Listen to and purchase various types of western and American music. No contact information available other than a form-based e-mail page.

Read The West
Hoo-wee! This site should really be called Encyclopedia Of The West cuz it's got more good stuff than a prairie dog ready for the winter! If you are into the west and western stuff (like we are) you're gonna take a shinin' to this site.

Broken Spokes
Pard's a good ol' gal and I sure appreciate anyone who puts a full-on bio of themselves on their web site. ya gotta know who yer dealin' with! Pard's all a-tellin' us that she does this here web site thingy on the side while workin' at a convenience store. Sheesh! Oh, did I mention that the site just promotes her own business? One industrious lady.

The Arizona Kid
There are a lot of western artists out there. Some fair, some really tacky. Carlos Hadaway, The Arizona Kid, is REALLY good. You've gotta see his stuff. He's based in Fountain Hills, Arizona, just a stone's throw across the Sonoran from us at Gold Mountain Mining Company.

Cowboy Poetry at the Bar-D Ranch
Cowboy poetry: ya either love it or hate it. Or so they say. But I really think there's something here for everyone. Okay maybe not some East Coast academic type, but ya get the idea. This is the total and complete gateway for all events, indexes and projects related to yet another great American art form.

Cowboy Showcase
A truly beautiful website, but also very useful. At first this looks like nothing but a romancing-the-cowboy site, but it's also chock full of practical advice, from "Train a Horse to Stand Still While the Rider Mounts" to "Barn Safety Tie-Up".

Harmony Lane Gifts
Nice western products, no crap. Too bad the text on the home page slides all the way past the right margin. Oh, well, we're all human beings here.

Books for the real and true Old West fan, including goodies for western role playing games.

Wild West Info
A refreshingly simple site, although there's no indication as to who the people are behind it. Maps of Tombstone, adventure in Pikes Peak, and other stuff all related to the late 19th century wild west.


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