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Pure Pearls
90-Day unconditional guarantee is refreshing and the content of this site was obviously written by native English speakers ... inspires confidence.
SW Creations
A large site with many beaded items. Toll-free number is prominent but was not able to locate street address and policy page.
All Celtic Jewellery
Some very beautiful jewelry here, straight from Dublin. U.S. prices are clearly posted and shipping to U.S. is no problem.
Diamonds Gemstones Jewelry
An aggregator site, organizing links of the various jewelry sites on the Web. About Us information is surprisingly present on this site.
Incrediblly artistic sterling and gold in the Indian tradition. In business since 1950. A great source for high-karat gold.
Niknak Group
Many offerings here, and all you'd expect from a larger website to instill confidence.
Medalye Designs
Simple website for simple items. PayPal is the only form of payment, no phone number is listed, although a street address in Canada is welcome. Prices are in U.S. dollars.
Sterling Silver Jewelry 4 U
No nonsense website provides full Contact information which inspires purchasing confidence. 10-day money back guarantee.
Premium Pearl
No nonsense website provides full Contact information which inspires purchasing confidence. 10-day money back guarantee.
Silver Bella
Site design inspires confidence but phone number, mailing address and names are missing.
Ron Proulx
Ron has actually done engravings for Pope John Paul II and ... Oprah! What else can be said?
Clearpath Overseas
Wholesaler. Contact us page lacks address or phone, but includes a web-based e-mail form. About Us page tells us they are located in New Delhi and that they practice Karma's theory in their business policy. Good for them!
Skystone and Silver
It's always very cool to come across a website by and for one artisan. No monkey business, no "Gee, I wonder who these people are" or "Should I trust this website?" It's immediately obvious that Rick is a real person and his items are come from his own hand.
Many businesses think they're pulling a fast one on the public by calling themselves "wholesale" when in fact they are not, hoping their customers will think they lucked out in accessing a wholesaler. But Ameriglobe is what it advertises ... wholesale prices, minimum order amount, re-seller license required for no-tax sales.
14K Zone
Easy to navigate, large number of categories. Self-described number one specialist in personalized jewelry.
A1 Custom Jewelry
Website looks bad on high-resolution monitor but it's easy to give these guys some slack because they are located in the Pacific Wonderland of western Oregon!
Sterling Silver Jewelry Connection
Nice looking merchandise, and simple, easy-to-navigate design. Site lacks About Us information.
Simple and slick site design belies deep merchandise selection. Prices of rings are not available until you've told the site your ring size. FAQ's are related to another website, presumably owned by the some company.
Arte Designs
Why is it that the smaller the company the more likely they are to put About Us information? Arte Designs is small and, yes, we see photos of the people who will be obtaining our banking information should we commit a purchase.
Autumn Gallery
Beautifully designed website uses cookies. About Us information is thankfully present but, although it refers to "we" there is no information about who the "we" is.
Buy Diamond Earrings
Nice design, About Us information isn't really. Ads by Google. Interesting information about how to tell CZ's from diamonds, but what isn't mentioned is why you may want to purchase a CZ anyway.
Buy Silver Jewelry
Same site design as Buy Diamond Earrings, probably the same owner.
Crown Jewelers
It's just like walking into a mall jewelry store, complete with credit application and eight pages of specials. No phone number listed on website, although this can easily be obtained via their street address.
A true artist, Daphna is an Israeli jeweler with a touch of the Victorian. One-of-a-kind.
Pretty impressive. They are apparently located at the L.A. jewelry mart and actually list their phone number (imagine that)! Nice site design. Checkout requires registration.
Eclectic Earrings
About Us refers to "we" but names no names. Handmade, beaded jewelry here.
E Diamond Earrings
Same site design as Buy Diamond Earrings, so possibly the same owner.
God Bless America
Par of proceeds go to United Way's Special Fund (presumably, this is the one set up after 9/11). Checkout requires a company name, secure web pages don't kick in until credit card information is prompted. Dead link on navigation bar.
Happy Glass Fraternal
Masonic and Eastern Star goodies. Music catches the web surfer by surprise.
Horn's Jewelry
Family owned business in California's spectacular Trinity Alps. Background image confuses the surfer with a high-resolution monitor.
Important Jewelry
FAQ's refer customer's to the Contact Us page for mailing address, but none is shown. Store hours are posted here but no phone number.
Jewelry List
Accumulated list of jewelers.
Jeweler Central
Accumulated list of jewelers with paid advertising. About Us is actually "what we do".
Jewelry Alliance
Accumulated list of jewelers with paid advertising. Cookies.
Jewelry Link Exchange
Accumulated list of jewelers with paid advertising. Pop-ups.
Jewelry Resources
Accumulated list of jewelers with paid advertising. Cookies.
Julies Jewels
15-day return policy. Was not able to locate a mailing address on the site.
Kims Jewels
No shopping cart here, so payment is by money order or PayPal. Site uses frames. No address or phone number to be found, although a click on the "check out my Ebay auctidons" link revealed a location in Kentucky.
KVK Designs
Cool Buddhas here. Slow page loading, was not able to locate About Us information, physical address or phone.
Site was down at time of review.
Vendors of photo charms. Pop-up ad for contest. Could not locate phone number. Live chat feature.
Ralph Singer
Unusual selection: clowns and art deco jewelry. In business since 1921.
Sea Crest Crafts
Lots of stuff here, from lighter cases to Seminole patchwork aprons. A thriving website.
Silver Messages
Home page display hundreds of links, each to a particular item. Cookies. Could not locate
Walsh Brothers
A site in U.K. No About Us information but, refreshingly, contact information is present.
West Best
Phone number is prominently displayed. Photos of real people at work. Warranty information is simple to understand.
Your Silver
No contact or About Us information present. A WhoIs search identifies a street address in Miami but no individuals (anonymous).


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