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Bachelor Furniture
A nice shopping experience ... the anticipated "bachelor attitude" is missing and the offerings are tasteful with just enough funk to be fun. Site uses cookies, does not display physical address.
Bali Product Export
Business-to-business website shows some very beautiful furniture from Indonesia.
France Era
Truly exquisite furniture. Very small, fancy fonts on website are difficult to read.
Kozy Komfort by Karen
Contact information lists a phone number ... a plus! Check out The Health Rizer ... "the perfect safe & practical solution to following your doctor's orders!" About Us page refers to "my husband and I" but not actual names are given.
RW Furniture
Rustic, handmade furniture from real people ... not one of these impersonal websites where you don't know who the heck your forkin' over your credit information to. The About Us page is the real deal.
Buy American Flags
Every king of patriotic commemorative and doo-dad you could think of is available here. The "WTC & Pentagon" section is fasinating. Very clean and easy-to-look at site design inspires buying confidence, but the About Us page says nothing about the web site owner, it simply has more product for sale.
Backyard Beauties
The home page of this site starts with "If you're looking for "really different" handmade greeting cards that contain real flower seeds for any occasion...." ... well who the heck isn't? The My Story page is interesting and the site owner actually mentions her name on the Contact Us page.
Blankets N More
Toll-free phone number is conspicuously placed on all site pages. Site is well designed and easy to use. Large photos at top of home page are, surprisingly, not clickable. The Indian / Native American blankets don't specify if these are genuine or Indian-style; we here at are sensitive to these things.
Bluebird Gardens
Need a fruit juicer made in 1897? Or how about a 1965 Pontiac Bonneville? You'll find them both here. Most fascinating is that they say they will gift wrap the car! Interesting: most (but not all) of the pages of this site is in a Secure Socket Layer, including the home page.
Country Passion
Home of bakery-scented candles? Who could resist? Although I must say that I personally could live out the rest of my years just fine without having sampled the Buttermilk Hotcakes / Mustard variety! Pages are slow to load.
Dad's Woodshed
Birds are so sweet and beautiful. Dad's Woodshed give you all the tools you'll need to invite this perfect beauty into your own private sanctuary. Really, do you known anyone who doesn't love birds? Oh, wait, we all do. Our President enjoys killing quail. Whoops!
Eggshop Superstore
This is a site where you could really *shop*. Everything from an office-sized water cooler to yer old pal Ballsy Bear. Site uses cookies.
ID Your Wine
If you need to ask what a wine charm is you probably don't need to see this site. Product pages contain a surprisingly high amout of text for such simple items.
Chef Knives To Go
This isn't one of those site that lead you on with the promise of finally having found of source for professional quality items. No, they really the best stuff here; looks like a great place to buy from. Buyer' Guide page is just another directory of products with no additional information. Site owners names are not listed.
Mountain Feathers Sculptures
Not surprisingly, artist Ray Waller tells you about himself on this site. But why is it that it seems only artist sites provide such information? Why do more traditional e-tailer feel the need to not tell you about themselves, let alone provide their names? Are they embarrassed? What are they hiding? All we can do is assume when there is a lack of information. Anyway, Ray's site is well put together, although it lacks a shopping cart ... all transactions are done by calling or writing him. If you want antlers in your life, this is the place to go.
Nala's Home
Some very cool items here, even fer this cow-puncher. Retro clocks, art prints and neat-o vases. Physical address and About Us page missing from site. Uses cookies.
Online Discount Mart
Hunting knives, teddy bears, storage chest, candle accessories. Wow. This site has everything ... and more! About Us page is really a Contact Us page.
Polish Pottery Online
Here we have the essence of the Web: a site devoted to something so obscure that I've never heard of it. But if I *had* heard of it, this is where I'd go to get the stuff. This style of pottery appears to be a cross between Russian and Mexican Talavera (ever heard of it?) Very interesting stuff. An added bonus is the Polish Recipes section ... who about Polish Almond Soup tonight? sounds good to me. Info page does not list site owners names.
Rubbermaid Products
Who doesn't love Rubbermaid and it's more elusive hoi poloi, Tupperware? Site appeared to be unfinishes at time of review as section pages were empty or products link encountered "fatal" errors. Site uses cookies.
Yee-ha! A site that actually tells you who you'll be doing business with, not just a company name. Site uses cookies.
TV Products 4 Less
Yes, it's all here. All those goodies and gadgets, including the Ginsu knife. However, I wasn't able to find my favorite Asian-inspired products, the bamboo steamer and the Sobakawa pillow. But I think today I'll order the Richard Simmons video and Kaboom Instant Spot Remover.


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