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1000 Dating Sites
This could be a good resource for someone looking to find someone. Although the name of this site sounds innocuous enough, there are some "adult" themed links here. Ownership is in The Netherlands.

Top 12 Online Casinos
The concept of this site is noble: avid online gamblers publish a list of online casinos they believe are "good" ones. But the presence of online advertising as well as the lack of an About Us page bring up certain questions. That said, there are articles here that could be useful for those intent on spending their children's inheritance, lik "Achieving Success At Online Casinos" and "Pointers To Online Gambling".

You don't have to be a Buddhist to love this site ... everything Buddha! He's such a jolly fellow, you know? Count us in as big fans.

Ed's Travel Stories
This site was down when I attempted to review it.

Kieto's Daily Recipe and FuNnIes
A refreshing site. A recent makeover with 3-D animation. But the big news here is that, in the context of our pos-modern, cynical world, this site is chock full of simple, innocent humor. The kind your grandpa used to spout. And, thank you, Kieto, there's a good About Kieto page.


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