Reviews of Baby & Maternity Links

Baby Bibs, Etc.
Halleleujah! A web site where the owner not only tells us her story, but shows us her picture, as well. I rant on about this all the time, but in this cold, impersonal world, a picture says a thousand words. A more, actually, since most folks have probably already lost interest in the 50-odd words I've written thus far in this review.

Lilypad Baby
Omigosh ... ANOTHER site that shows us the owner and with a real story to tell. Must be a mommy thing. You know, you can trust moms. But electronics dealers? I guess many of us have gotten so used to being treated like dirt in this world that we don't expect anything OTHER than mommy sites to give us warm fuzzies. But this site does. Now, where's my Tommy Tippy cup?

1st Class Birth Announcements
One of the nice things about the Web is that sites can specialize in just about anything you wish. Want a left-nostril inhaler with your state motto on it (Geo. Carlin)? How about the world's largest selection of baby announcements? You've come to the right place. Gotta wonder how these guys make money, though, as clicking on the Enter link brought me to a server error page. Hmm. Maybe it was just a temporary glitch.

My Cowboy Baby
Well, this site doesn't tell you who the owners are, but it should makes up for it in the Cute department. It certainly ain't ALL cowboy, but ya webmaster's gotta do what a webmaster's gotta do. Personally, I want the Roy Rogers alarm clock!


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