May 2011

* Trophy Buckle Sale!
* Money Clips Galore!
* Handcrafted Custom Buckles
* Famous Cowboy: Bill Pickett
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May 2011

Trophy Buckle Sale!

Yep, we've done this just once before and -- shoot! -- a lot of business came our way. So, what the heck ... we're doin' it again!

The deal: Submit your order for
Trophy Buckles between today and June 5 and we will INCREASE our normally OUTRAGEOUS DISCOUNTS even more!

Discounts for Trophy Items
1 - 9
10 - 29
30 - 79
80 +
Our Normal Discount from Montana Catalog
Discount from Catalog thru June 5


  • Order NOW through June 5, 2011 ONLY
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Trophy Buckles discounted from Montana Silversmiths' catalog prices.
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Money Clips Galore!

Our customer-approved rendering

The finished item

Handcrafted Custom Buckles

Our "flagship" custom offering, the first step in creating Handcrafted Custom Buckles is to create a rendering simulating the buckle's design layout. After the image is approved by you (our valued customer!) we then know what will be involved in creating your jewelry quality, fully custom heirloom belt buckle and pricing is then calculated based on your approved image.

Simplot Buckle Components:
3.5" x 4.25"
German Silver base
Hand cut copper filigree
Sterling silver "7's"
Hand cut Jeweler's Bronze Simplot logo with red color fill
Hand cut Jeweler's Bronze lettering
Jewelers Bronze hand cut lettering
Hand cut sterling silver skier figure
Jewelers Bronze rope edge
Cost = $428*

* Handcrafted Custom Buckles arrive in beautiful glass display cases.

Famous Cowboy:
Bill Pickett

Handbill advertising the 1922 movie
"The Bull-Dogger"
Willie M. "Bill" Pickett (1870 - 1932) was a cowboy, rodeo performer, and the inventor of bulldogging.

Born near Taylor, Texas, Pickett was the second of 13 children born to a former slave and and a white / Cherokee mother.

Pickett attended school through the fifth grade, after which he took up hard ranching work. Bulldogging is the skill of grabbing cattle by the horns and wrestling them to the ground. Pickett's method was biting a cow on the lip and then falling backwards. This method eventually lost popularity as the sport morphed into the steer wrestling that is practiced in rodeos. It was known among cattlemen that, with the help of a trained bulldog, a stray steer could be caught. The bulldog would rescue the steer by using its strong grip on that steer with its teeth perched into the steer's sensitive nerve tender in the upper nose and lip. Pickett had seen this and thought if a bulldog could do it, so could he. So he practiced his stunt by riding hard and springing from his horse and wrestling the steer to the ground. He would then bite and hold the steer's sensitive nose and lip - until the steer held still. This act coined Bill Pickett the stunt name of the "Bulldogger."

With his four brothers, he established The Pickett Brothers Bronco Busters and Rough Riders Association. The name of "Bill Pickett" soon became synonymous with successful Rodeos. He did his Bull-Dogging act, traveling Texas, Arizona, Wyoming and Oklahoma. In 1905 he joined the 101 Wild West Shows as they traveled across the U.S. and Canada, South America, and even Great Britain. In 1921, Pickett appeared in the films, The Bull Dogger and The Crimson Skull.

In 1932, after he retired from the Wild West Shows, Bill Pickett was killed when he was kicked in the head by a wild bronco. In 1971 Bill Pickett was inducted into the National Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame. Bill Pickett is buried near a 14-foot stone monument to Ponca Tribal Chief White Eagle and the tribe's friendship with the Miller Brothers on Monument Hill in Kay County, Oklahoma.

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