March 2008

A Motherlode of gifts ... at Old West prices!

* Freedom Ride
* Cowboy Kickers back in stock
* Black Hills Gold - 130 Years of Tradition
* What is a Houlihan?
* Our Great Customers

Ride for Freedom

A group of Israeli cowboys will ride the Pacific Crest Trail this summer to publicize the 60th anniversary of Israel, the Middle East's only democracy. The Trail runs 2,650 miles through mountains, forests, and deserts from Canada to Mexico.

Dan Shaham, an official with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs who will participate in the ride, says "All of us care very much about nature. We are not people with big SUV's; we're paying tribute to the communication between people in nature."

Popular horse trainer Uri Peleg will lead the group, using his "natural connection" riding style, which involves riding a horse without using reins or anything that controls the horse's head. Through body language, the legs and some verbal instructions, the horse is controlled.

Also this year, hundreds of motorcyclists from the U.S., Israel, Canada and Australia will participate in a cross-country ride across Israel.

"We want to salute the State of Israel, Israeli-Canadian biker Gideon Lee told the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth. "Besides, we think Harley-Davidsons go very well with the scenery."

Cowboy Kickers are Back

Those plush, cushy boot slippers are now available again! Last November, Montana Silversmiths sold out of these lovelies within a few short weeks.

Was the rush on Cowboy Kickers related to the photos of Britney Spears wearing them? Nah, we doubt it. Our customers are too smart for this. In fact, please forget that we ever mentioned Ms. Spears in our newsletter ... we will forever deny it.

130 Years of Tradition

Landstrom's - the folks that practically invented Black Hills Gold, is celebrating its 130th anniversary this year!

How about a nice, custom-made Mother's ring for Mother's Day?

The Houlihan Cowboy

"Like most things cowboy there was an art to catching wild horses. A well thrown loop could scoop up the front feet of a running horse before he could dodge, duck, or jump it, that was the skill of the houlihan cowboy...."
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The Houlihan is one of the new Steve Miller Signature Collection of western sculptures. These are truly the most amazing sculptures we've seen yet. See them all here.

Yeee Haaaw!

It sure is fun meeting all you kind folks when you walk through the doors of our shop. One of our favorite stories was when Lofty Evans from Australia - who we'd been corresponding with by email - surprised us with a visit within just a few days of our last email. He brought along some souvenirs of his beautiful, coastal home of Townsville.

But everyone can't travel to Arizona to press the flesh with us, so we have to make do with phone calls and email. Here's a favorite from last Christmas season, from Jim Rich in Winnabow, North Carolina:

"I received my Scorpion watch and the jewelry sets today. I was as happy as a hungry tick on a fat hound with the watch. My wife and daughter will have grins a mortician couldn't wipe off when they see what they're getting for Xmas. Thanks for the great service and excellent products. Merry Christmas to you and yours. God Bless."

Please "click on by" and pay us a visit!

Marv, Stephanie & Greg Baskin

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    Nita Pace
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    [Nita purchased our Buckle Handbag and Bull Riders Only Buckle]