Heathcliff Loves Montana Belt Buckles

"Montana belt buckles are my very favorites," says Heathcliff, my six-year old son who for some reason has taken a shining to all things western. "Especially Montana belt buckles from GoldMountainTrading.com."

It's not that I myself have any particular dislike for "all things western". It's just a bit odd that a young cowboy wannabe sprung from these loins. I suppose I am what his future community would refer to as a "city slicker," a man with an intent focus, driven by the dynamics of the marketplace and, if I do say so myself, an excellent networker.

Do Not Resist Montana Belt Buckles

I realize, though, that just because my son is different from myself that I should not be trying to resist this current obsession of his for Montana belt buckles from GoldMountainTrading.com. Resisting this desire for Montana belt buckles would be counter-productive. He might even end up not liking me. Of all things. Something I have tried to correct him on, however, is that he should at least be calling them by their name, which is Montana Silversmith belt buckles, not Montana belt buckles. But, try as I may, he insists on "Montana belt buckles". I suppose if you are "in the know" in this western community that everyone understands what you are talking about when you refer to "Montana belt buckles".

So, I've begun to indulge Heathcliff with Montana belt buckles. (Darn it all! I wrote Montana belt buckles!). We (my wife, Joyce, and I) started him with the smaller Montana belt buckles (okay, I give up! I am now officially referring to them as Montana belt buckles) but it didn't take him long to yearn for those big ones. Like the Bull Rider Buckles or a Team Ropers Buckle.

Thank goodness I found GoldMountainTrading.com. With dear Heathy's insatiable appetite for Montana belt buckles, I can count on them to always have Montana belt buckles discounted. And when I buy 10 or more I get an even greater discount. I don't pretend to suppose that Baskin family out there in Arizona is "my kind of people," but I do appreciate the honest way they do business.

Montana Belt Buckles Bring Out The Worst Fears

Here is my worst fear: You don't find a lot of men named Heathcliff running around sporting Montana belt buckles. It's just not a western sort of a name. My fear is that not only will my sweet Heathy not grow tired of these Montana belt buckles (and the whole way of life it entails, but that's another story) but that he will rebel completely from his Ivy League upbringing and finally change his name to something more "suitable," like Caleb or Troy.

Sigh. Such are the anxiety's of modern parenting. I suppose things could be worse: rather than my son yearning for Montana belt buckles from GoldMountainTrading.com, he could instead get himself caught up in some gang out here in the mean streets of Amherst. Or he could be one of those "rock & rollers" and be off listening to horrible music somewhere way away from here. No, Heathcliff will turn out fine. More than a few trusted sources tell me that those who sport Montana belt buckles are salt-of-the-earth types. People to be trusted and taken on their word.

The Montana Belt Buckles Way of Life

Okay, telling you this has helped me come to terms with the very possibility that my son, Heathcliff Bartholomew Radcliffe could, just perhaps, decide to lead his life with Montana belt buckles from GoldMountainTrading.com always in sight, right there strapped around his waist, for all the world to see. He will indeed have abandoned this rarified life I have provided for him. However, I realize now that a life with Montana belt buckles is not the worst thing that can happen to my dear, sweet, Heathy.

If you are in the market for fine Montana belt buckles, I strongly suggest you view and appreciate the Montana belt buckles shown at GoldMountainTrading.com. They are the Montana belt buckles experts. Knowing Montana belt buckles is what they know and knowing Montana belt buckles is what they do.


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