Customized Belt Buckles ... What The Heck For?

Customized belt buckles were a new idea to Jenna. She was one of the best fundraisers we had at Food For Everyone and, if it came down to it, we would do everything we could to avoid losing her. But she didn't always have the most open mind. So, when George floated the idea of giving customized belt buckles from to our big donors, well, she really just didn't get it.

"I mean really, George! Everyone's not as fond of all things western like Dusty is," she said. Even for her, Jenna was wound a bit tight this time of year, as we planned for our big end-of-the-year to-do. It was to be a western theme this time, in honor of this year's volunteer Campaign Chair, a real good ol' boy named Dusty Delamont. Dusty was a local meat packing mogul and unabashed cowboy. (It was actually Dusty who turned me on to the good folks at back in the early days of the campaign when we were getting to know one another. Have you seen all their gorgeous customized belt buckles? Incredible.) I admit that customized belt buckles may have been considered by some to be a bit of overkill. Dusty D. probably had more custom belt buckles and trophy buckles in his personal possession than most people will see in their lifetime. But, like all things in this organization, the decision was up to me. I was the Campaign Director, after all.

Customized Belt Buckles for "The Man"

Would customized belt buckles from be something Dusty would enjoy? At first, I went back and forth on this customized belt buckles idea. Yes, Dusty was "the man" and we needed to be sure he was happy. This was our biggest "thank you" of the year, after all. But I got to know the man over those many months. Anyone who knew him as I did would not be surprised that he wanted to see his army of volunteers treated well.

So, that became the next question: would Dusty's volunteers appreciate customized belt buckles? We had doctors and nurses, file clerks, day care workers, Postal carriers, CEO's and garbage men all involved. A very diverse group, to be sure, and who would know if they would appreciate customized belt buckles from

Well, all my questions went out the door when Dusty came struttin' into the office one fine morning wearing one of his customized belt buckles from Holy smokes! It was stunning. All that silver and gold and, shoot, this one even had color and flames on it!

No Shame in Customized Belt Buckles

Right then and there I came across the awkward question so many before me have wanted to ask but were too ashamed. But not me. I didn't work my way into this position by being shy, that's for darned sure! Before us was an opportunity - the chance to examine what customized belt buckles are really all about - but I wasn't about to kneel down in front Mr. D's you-know-what and take my gander.

"Dusty," I said, looking him straight in the eye. "Take off your belt and hand it over."

Now, Dusty is a good salt-of-the-earth type of man. God-fearin' and wife-lovin'. But he got to know me pretty darned well over this time and, better yet, got to trust me. The big man didn't flinch. Keeping eye contact, he proceeded to undo his britches holder and, yes, handed me my first up close and personal look at what customized belt buckles from are all about.

He didn't really know why I was doing it, but I proceeded to look very closely at all the details of this find piece of craftsmanship.

The Finest Customized Belt Buckles

"What yer lookin' at," he said, "is a sample of some of the finest customized belt buckles known to humankind."

So much detail! Real gold filigree all fancy and schmancy over a silver filigreed background. It was all swoops and curves and tiny, detailed stippling. This particular one of his customized belt buckles commemorated Dusty's Average Champion winnings in team roping at the Taylor County Fair 1988.

"That buckle was actually stolen from the back of my truck last year," he said. "I had re-make it for me. Looks even better than the first one."

He noticed me gaping at the high quality.

"Amazing, isn't it? And you know what? Out of the 200 customized belt buckles styles they offer at, that's not even a high-end model."

"Okay, how much?" I asked.

"Customized belt buckles like that run around 70 bucks."

I did some quick math in my head. I had 20 key volunteers I wanted to give customized belt buckles to. $70 x 20 is $1400. Yikes. Do you know how many mouths you can feed for that? I won't get on my soap box here, but just suffice to say that the numbers are staggering.

I gave him back his belt and he instantly could see my disappointment and also read in my mind what it was I was wanting to do: customized belt buckles for his key volunteers.

Discounts on Customized Belt Buckles

"Hey, has quantity discounts," he said. "They're good people there. But don't you worry about nothin'. I've got it covered."

I never cease to be amazed at the unflinching generosity of our donors and volunteers.

If I surprised Dusty with my "take off your belt" command (he didn't show it), he blew me away come the night of the "Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Cavalcade". Not only had he purchased all 20 customized belt buckles for his top volunteers, but he also had create 150 more antiqued brass customized belt buckles for everyone else who put in their efforts. What a thank you!

And to heck with Jenna.


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