The Varieties of Custom Western Belt Buckles

Custom western belt buckles from are available in many styles, shapes, sizes, finishes and colors. In fact, we actively display 100 custom western belt buckles as trophy buckles as well as another 100 custom western belt buckles as figure buckles right here on our website.

Fancy Custom Buckle


3 3/4;" x 4 5/8"
4 Ribbons,
Very Fancy



Two Types of Custom Western Belt Buckles

So what exactly is the difference between trophy belt buckles and figure buckles? Figure buckles are custom western belt buckles that allow you to display either 1) your choice of figures from the hundreds available in our Figures Catalog; or 2) your own brand or logo. Custom western belt buckles as trophy buckles (from are really the same as figure buckles but, in addition to displaying a figure or your brand / logo, you may also instruct us to engrave or use raised lettering to put any message you want on the buckle. Go ahead and click into the order page of any of our trophy buckles (for example, our Custom Turquoise Buckle) to see your options for that particular style of custom western belt buckles. Just type in what you want us to engrave on the ribbons and that is what will be shown on the custom western belt buckles you order from us here at

As we mentioned earlier, custom western belt buckles are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and finishes. We have custom western belt buckles available in a scalloped shape, like our Two-Figure Buckle. We have really big custom western belt buckles like our Really Big Champion Buckle or small buckles like our Very Small Trophy Buckle. has black nickel buckles, such as the Rodeo Trophy Buckle or less expensive German silver custom western belt buckles, like our German Silver Buckle. Our custom western belt buckles have various colors available both for the color of the engraved characters on the buckles and for the accenting the designs. Check out our Award Buckle for just one example.

Custom Western Belt Buckle Ain't That Old

It may surprise the reader to learn that custom western belt buckles are not a very old tradition. Here at, we did a little research and learned that they first showed in cowboy movies made in the 1920s, when producers and directors decided it was time to start glamorizing the very people who shunned glamour more than anyone. Before custom western belt buckles appeared, cowboys just held up their bloomers with what was soon to be termed "old fashioned" suspenders. We have been selling custom western belt buckles ourselves since the early 1980s, through our various retail stores like GoldMountainTrading.

Now, custom western belt buckles are treasured by millions of people all over the world. provides custom western belt buckles to our dear customers in places like Europe, Japan, Australia, South America and even … Canada. We have shipped custom western belt buckles to Malaysia, Montenegro, China and Dubai. Even George W. Bush has one of our custom western belt buckles.

The Right Place for Custom Western Belt Buckles

If you are looking for custom western belt buckles, you've come to the right place. Here at, we have shaped our lives around providing the highest quality custom western belt buckles to anyone who wants one anywhere (just about!) on the surface of this Planet Earth. We are here as your custom western belt buckles experts.


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