Red Hot Custom Made Belt Buckles

"Custom made belt buckles! Get yer red hot custom made belt buckles!"

We're dreaming of the day when we can walk the bleachers of a rodeo and hawk our wares. We know, this sounds really, really geeky but hey, custom made belt buckles are our lives here at, and custom made belt buckles are what we do. We can dream, can't we?

Custom Buckle 991


3" x 4"
1 Ribbon



Custom Barbed Wire Belt Buckle by Montana Silversmiths 6132


3" x 4"
2 ribbons, date trim, choice of colors



Trophy Buckle 7903R from Montana Silversmiths


3¾" x 4½"
3 Ribbons + Stones



Imagine the scene: it's a hot, dusty August day somewhere in God's country, and you have accidentally committed maybe the worst sin imaginable - you arrived at your local rodeo without any of your own custom made belt buckles. Bein' at a rodeo without yer custom made belt buckles would be like showin' up at a Garth Brooks concert without yer boots on. Or even like visiting and not buying anything.
Sacrilege. Taboo. Unheard of!

Naked Without Your Custom Made Belt Buckles

So what in heck do you do out there in the bright sun, standin' as naked as jaybird without any of yer custom made belt buckles? Well, home is 40 miles north, so that ain't gonna happen, especially cuz your best buddy, Trevor, will be tryin' his luck at bareback in 'bout an hour. Can't miss that. Hmm.

But then, like the tinkling sound of an angel off in the distance, you hear it: "Custom made belt buckles! Get yer red hot custom made belt buckles!"

You stop in your tracks. You do that little shake of the head thing like they do in they do in the cartoons. You pull your hair away from your ear so you can hear better. Sure enough, there it is again, this time a little louder. "We got custom made belt buckles ripe for the pickins! Step right up, don't be shy … custom made belt buckles for everyone! From your friends at"

Custom Made Belt Buckles - Deep-Fried!

Okay, that was for real, and it sounds like it came from the other side of the fritter cart. You keep hearing that siren's song as you make your way through the throngs of fritter lovers. Darned that fritter cart! Every year it's just jam-packed with folks and families all a-waitin' to sink their chops into gosh-knows-what slopped with dough and fried deep in some way-too-old oil. But you are on a mission. "Get oughta my way, you dang-blasted fritter-frats," you think, almost out loud.

And then the crowd parts and a flash of silver, then a flash of gold sweeps across your vision. "Behold! For I have given you a world of custom made belt buckles and for you they shall hold up your britches." Wait a minute, who said that? Was that really The Big Guy communicatin' directly with my cranium about custom made belt buckles? Couldn't be. Can't imagine he's got nothin' else to do but lead me to the custom made belt buckles promised land.

But, facts are facts and, yes indeed, right there before you is the sparkling, bristling custom made belt buckles vendor cart.

Custom Made Belt Buckles From A Cart?

Wait a minute, how can this be? You can't sell custom made belt buckles from a cart! These things take weeks to prepare. How can they be a-sellin' custom made belt buckles?

Well, thanks to the latest technological advances from in metal formation and finishing, our new Buckle Builder machine* has reduced the normal production time from three weeks to just 13 minutes! Or at least that's what you learn upon reading our custom made belt buckles brochure.

Slap! Ding! Pop! Kerplunk! That's the sound of the Buckle Builder goin' at it. You see dozens of custom made belt buckles decorating the cart. They sure are beautiful. But most important, relief is in sight. You breeze through our catalog and place your order: "I'll have one o' those 4-inch by 5-inch oval-shaped custom made belt buckles with flames on the side, a Regal Red background, team ropers figure, and the year 2007 on there. The top ribbon should be engraved in Powder Pink to say I LOVE CUSTOM MADE BELT BUCKLES and the bottom ribbon should say AND SO DO MY GRANDKIDS.

Thirteen minutes later, you are all set. Out from the Buckle Builder comes another set of bright and shiny custom made belt buckles. You snap yours in place, strap it on and, thanks to your pals at, custom made belt buckles, all is once again right with the world.

* Buckle Builder is a fiction created strictly from our twisted minds for entertainment purposes of this article. But make no mistake … we are workin' on the real thing!


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    Nita Pace
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    [Nita purchased our Buckle Handbag and Bull Riders Only Buckle]