Custom Buckle Made Easy

"Custom Buckle Made Easy," I said. "Maybe that should be our company's motto."

My folks and I were discussing the best way to promote Whenever someone anywhere in the world wants a custom buckle, we pride ourselves on being the most accessible and easiest way to get this done.

My very smart niece, Angelique, was in the room, listening in. Sort of an adorable fly on the wall.

"What exactly do you mean by 'custom buckle'? she asked.

We looked at her, incredulous. I mean, she had grown up around the business, so it's not as if she'd never seen a custom buckle before. But now she was getting older and was smart as a tack.

"I mean, you've got your custom buckle and then you've got your custom buckle," she said.

Custom Buckle Options

She was right. When our customers want a custom buckle, there are a number of different options. The simplest form of custom buckle we offer is the Figure custom buckle. These styles are shown on our Custom Figure Belt Buckles page. This type of custom buckle allows customers to select from 100 custom buckle styles and then match it up with the display figure of their choice. We have 500 of them in our Figures Catalog. Or, instead of one of our pre-made figures, their custom buckle can show off their brand or logo.

The next type of custom buckle is the trophy buckles. Think of this type of custom buckle as being just like the custom figure belt buckles but with the added option of showing off your message. You can have create a custom buckle with "ribbons" that will display your engraved words. This engraving on your custom buckle can be etched (the same style as the engraving done on jewelry), or it can be filled with the color of your choice. When our customers order their custom buckle in the trophy style, they usually choose for the colored engraving because it is bolder and easier to read. Or you can used raised lettering for great look.

Custom Buckle Colors

Speaking of color, many of the custom buckle styles (trophy buckles) we can help you with here at are available with color choices for the buckle itself. Referred to as the "background color," you can radically change the look of a custom buckle just by changing the background color.

Finally, you can have us create a "true" custom buckle. A true custom buckle is one that is made from the ground up to your specifications. Perhaps you've dreamed of that perfect custom buckle, but only your exact design will do. Well, we can do it for you.

"Well, I know what you mean, Angelique, but we sure don't want to give people too many custom buckle choices," I said.

"We don't?" she asked.

Hmm. That girl can really get me thinking.

Remember: When you need a custom buckle, is the place for you. We offer top-flight service during entire custom buckle order and manufacturing process. Please check us out at


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