Custom Trophy Buckle Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get my trophies?

Most orders ship in 4 - 6 weeks. Subtract a week for German silver buckles, add a week for black nickel buckles and those displaying your brand. Ship dates can vary by season and parts availability.

Can you make my deadline?
We work very closely with Montana Silversmiths and pledge to do all we can to respect your event date. But please, do not enter "bogus" deadlines in the MY ABSOLUTE DEADLINE field of your Shopping Cart. Unrealistic deadlines will actually delay your order as it will not be submitted for production until we are satisified that we are capable of meeting your deadline.

What can I do to ensure my order arrives on time?
Order early. The only way to rush an order is with faster shipping. It is not possible to rush the production process.

Do you have additional discounts?
Yes! Discounts for 10 + trophy items will display inaccurate pricing in our Shopping Cart; we will adjust your order cost upon receipt. Write to us at and we will supply a hard quote.

Discounts for Trophy Items
# Ordered
10 - 29
30 - 79
80 +
Discount from Catalog
extra 5%
extra 10 %
extra 15 %

Why are your prices so low?
As Montana Silversmiths' largest trophy buckle distributor, we leverage our clout into great pricing. Our goal is to keep you coming back, year after year, and unbeatable prices are one big way we do this.

How do I know which Figure size to order?
If you see multiple sizes of the Figure you prefer in our Figures Catalog, order the largest size and the craftspeople at Montana Silversmiths will select the size that looks best on your buckles.

Can I display my brand on my buckles?

You bet! Just select "Brand" in the order form. After placing your order, send your design by email to , FAX to 623-465-1621 or mail. $75 cost.

Can I display my logo on my buckles?

Yes, indeed! Cost varies, so please send your design by email to , FAX to 623-465-1621 or mail. We will let you know cost and time involved.

What are the buckles made of?
You will not find a more beautiful (and affordable) buckle than those from, where we feature Montana Silversmiths’ legendary Montana Armor™ finish. The undisputed leader throughout the competitive world for 35 years, known as the most rugged and gorgeous finish available at realistic prices. Montana Armor™ starts with a brass base and then “locks” silver and gold to its surface. Solid sterling silver is also available; ask us for a quote. See below for information about German Silver trophy buckles.

Why are German silver buckles less expensive?

German Silver is another name for nickel, the same material as the coin in your pocket. Nickel is less expensive than silver or brass. You can rest assured that, even though our solid German silver trophy buckles are less expensive, they are truly beautiful and rugged nevertheless. We highly recommend German silver trophy buckles for the budget-conscious event planner.

Can I add or subtract ribbons from a buckle?

Sorry, the engraveable ribbons are not changeable.

Can I engrave my buckles after I have received them?
Engraving is one of the first things in the buckle creation process. Because of the unique nature of the Montana Armor™ finish, post-production engraving is not recommended.

How many characters can a buckle display?
Each buckle's order page shows the maximum number of characters and spaces that may be engraved on each engraveable ribbon. These limits may not be exceeded.

Do you take checks?
We accept checks from your organization or company. Select "Organization Check or Money Order" in our shopping cart's credit card menu.

Are other types of trophies available?
Yes. Check out our Trophies, Awards & Gifts category as well our Trophy Sculptures.

What about Fully Custom buckles?
We would love to create jewelry-quality custom buckles -- made from the ground up -- just for you. Fully Custom Buckles start at $350 each. Click here for more information. Custom Single Metal Buckles (zinc or pewter) run $9.00 - $30 each. For more information, contact us at (800) 474-9111 or .


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