A Legacy of Custom Belt Buckles

Custom belt buckles for any occasion? You bet! Just think of the possibilities: custom belt buckles from GoldMountainTrading.com for weddings, custom belt buckles for the holidays, or custom belt buckles for, well, just about any event you may be planning.

Custom Buckle 2144 / 61323 by Montana Silversmiths

2144 & 61323

3¾" x 5"



Look, the thing is that custom belt buckles are gorgeous. Here at Gold Mountain Trading, we supply custom belt buckles which are appreciated by virtually everyone, from ranchers to bull riders, from oil men to rabbis. (Okay, maybe rabbi's *don't* appreciate custom belt buckles, but almost everyone else does!)

Just think of the look on your wife's face when she opens her bright, beautiful custom belt buckles on Christmas morning!

"But honey," she says with tears in her eyes, "you gave me custom belt buckles last Christmas!"

"Well, dear, what can I say? There isn't a cowgirl on this planet that deserves custom belt buckles from Gold Mountain Trading more than you!" (Don't think for a second that you won't, right at that moment, be on the receiving end of one of the best hugs of your life!)

A tradition of custom belt buckles

Custom belt buckles had always been a part of the tradition of your wife's family. Old Barnabus, her grandfather, actually made custom belt buckles for most of his life. He had never heard of Gold Mountain Trading, but that's okay. His custom belt buckles brought joy to thousands of people all over the Intermountain West. Of course, your wife's father, Leroy, learned the trade from Barnabus but, as you will remember, he gave up the trade when he was called away to work as a sanitary technician during The Big One. The art of making custom belt buckles stopped with the war, but not her family's love of these keepsakes.

Custom belt buckles should be seen, not stored

Now here we are, decades later, and those dozens of custom belt buckles are still locked away in the family's safe deposit box. What a tragedy it would be if all those lovely custom belt buckles were lost in a robbery or a house fire! We at Gold Mountain Trading will argue with no one that custom belt buckles aren't created for enjoyment! So, perhaps, these fine folks really should take those cherished custom belt buckles out of the vault and display them for all to see right on their mantle. Custom belt buckles should be delighted in each and every day!

Custom belt buckles are heirlooms

And now we come to the point that we here at Gold Mountain Trading wish to impress: Montana Silversmiths custom belt buckles are built for generations. Custom belt buckles are built for tradition and, yes, custom belt buckles are built as true heirloom items.

Custom belt buckles will, indeed, hold your pants up. If that's your desire. But it should be obvious by now that custom belt buckles are not just another attractive accessory. We at GoldMountainMining.com are the custom belt buckles experts. Custom belt buckles are what we know, and custom belt buckles are what we're known for. So if you're looking for custom belt buckles, you're on the right site. When you think custom belt buckles, think GoldMountainTrading.com, your #1 resource for custom belt buckles.


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