Josey Wants a Cowboy Belt Buckle

"Well, of course I want a cowboy belt buckle!"

That was Josiah's reply to my inquiry about how he wanted his jeans held up.

"Well, okay, then." I said. "Seems this here Gold Mountain Mining Company's got more than just one cowboy belt buckle for you to pick from, Josey."

That's for sure. I was scanning through their enormous selection at

Josey was an ornery old sort, and I'd gotten tired of hearing him grumble on about how his britches didn't want stay where he wanted them.

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Not Too Finicky About His Cowboy Belt Buckle

"Well, what kind of cowboy belt buckle do you want?" I asked.

"What kind of cowboy belt buckle do I want? How 'bout one that'll hold up my knickers, that's what kind! What in blazes kinda question was that?"

"Well, I got to tell ya," I said, "this here Gold Mountain Trading ain't making it very easy on us. They have one heap of cowboy belt buckle here."

As I clicked my way through this cyber gold mine, I saw a cowboy belt buckle that was a pack horse belt buckle. Then I saw a team ropers buckle (Josiah might like that one), a Cowboy Up belt buckle (four of 'em, actually), and even an outrageous, customizable bling buckle for the ladies. I bet ol' Josey wouldn't 't take too highly of me having that one delivered to him. Nope, he had made himself clear: he wanted a cowboy belt buckle.

A Cowboy Belt Buckle for Every Taste

Now, I told you Gold Mountain Trading offers a cowboy belt buckle and then some. I just listed a few. But, please indulge me here, cuz I gotta tell 'bout a few more: a standing horse buckle, a hardcore cowboy belt buckle, and even - hey, this might be the cowboy belt buckle we've been searching for - a Texas belt buckle. Josey's from somewhere around San Antone and, like any Texas cowboy, he's got a lot of pride in home state.

I clicked all the way through and zoomed in nice and big for Josey's old eyes to take a gander. He creaked his way across the old floorboards. "Why that there is one mighty fine cowboy belt buckle!" he declared.

He was looking at the antiqued brass version of the Texas belt buckle. "Yeah, but hold on," I said. I back-clicked my browser there at the website so I could show him the brighter, fancier, silver and gold version of this cowboy belt buckle. I already knew which of the two he'd prefer but I wanted to be sure he was the making the choice. After all, he was the one who was going to be wearing this cowboy belt buckle.

Sure enough, he chose the brass version. It was more old fashioned, like Josey. We ordered it and the darned thing showed up within a couple days, along with pretty postcard showin' that nice store it came from.

"Hey, Josey. We oughta head out to Phoenix one of these days and visit these kind folks out at Gold Mountain Trading. That store of theirs looks really nice."

"Yep," said Josey, now with his jeans on tight as a drum and looking over the postcard. "The place looks real invitin'."

The Cowboy Belt Buckle Clearinghouse

We at Gold Mountain Trading are the cowboy belt buckle experts. Cowboy belt buckle is who we are and cowboy belt buckle is what we do. So if you're looking for a cowboy belt buckle, you're on the right site. When you think cowboy belt buckle, think!


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  • "I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance with my order. This being my first order with you has been such a pleasure. Great communication combined with great service. Gold Mountain Trading sets an example other companies should follow. I have told all my friends to visit your web site and encouraged them to buy from you. Thanks again for allowing me to have such a pleasurable shopping experience with you."

    Nita Pace
    Chelan, Washington
    [Nita purchased our Buckle Handbag and Bull Riders Only Buckle]