Buckle Rn't For Us

"Buckles Are Fun" says the shingle over the door. At least that's how it was in his mind. He knew that "Buckles Are Fun" was not quite the sophisticated marketing message today's post-everything consumers seemed to demand. So that's why his fantasy buckle business was strictly in his head, not in concrete.

A buckles business ain't all fun & games

Johnny McGillicuddy was pretty established already in his Buckles R Us business when harsh reality came knocking. The cute, multi-national business behemoth Kids R Us sent one of their cozy and cuddly barristers to their door (via Certified Mail) warning that Buckles R Us was in violation of their trademark and to cease and desist its use immediately. Of course, the whole idea that Johnny's buckles business could be somehow inflicting harm on the Kids R Us juggernaut was ludicrous, but what is sensible had little to do with this. Kids R Us could legally outspend Buckles R Us 100 to one, so Johnny had little hope but to change his businesses' name from Buckles R Us to, well, something else related to buckles.

But before he allowed himself to come to this harsh realization, Johnny pulled out all the stops because, after all, he was a man of justice, raised in America, and keen on the rule of law. Even though his lawyer told him otherwise, it was going to cost Johnny a few buckles sales worth of profit to learn that justice and reality don't always meet on a flat ball field.

Buckles o' plenty?

Despite the name of his company, Johnny - and anyone who has owned or developed a buckles business -learned that buckles ain't always fun. Sure, buckles often are fun, but buckles can also be heartful, whimsical or even silly. Buckles can be joyous, beautiful, traditional or even "alternative". Virtually anything is possible in the design of buckles and the bigger business of buckles.

So, what should be the new name for Buckles R Us? Possibilities include Buckles B Us; Buckles R Yore Friend; Buckles, Buckles, Buckles; You've Got A Bee In Your Buckles; Buckles For A Lifetime or even Planet Buckles.

Even once he settle on a new name for his buckles establishment, Johnny also needed to change the names on all his buckles promotional materials and advertisements and, well, just a lot of phone calls letting customer and vendor know what in buckles heaven was going on.

Buckles are tradition

Sure, it sounded like a lot of extra work but, as Johnny's buckles building Dad always told him, no one ever said working with buckles was fair. Working with buckles could be fun (there's that word again!), silly, fantasmagorical or even supercalifragilisticexbealidocious. "Buckles," dear old Dad always said, was a fine way to make a life. "Buckles - especially trophy buckles -- are always renewing and bringing tradition back to those who both present and receive them. Buckles are about connection to a rich past, about the giving and receiving of heirlooms, family history and community history.

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