An Article About Belt Buckles!

This is an article about belt buckles. How, you ask, could someone possible take on the daunting task of writing an entire story about belt buckles? Well, admittedly, the prospect of researching and writing all about belt buckles - what a broad subject! - wasn't all that appealing to us here at Gold Mountain Mining Company. But you, know what? Just like most things in life, we seem to waste more time preparing to do something then actually doing it. So, just plunged in.

So, I just started writing about belt buckles. Actually, I should probably say that I am now writing about belt buckles because, well, that's what I'm doing at this moment.

Where's the Beef in Belt Buckles?

"Boring!" you are probably saying at this point. "Where's the beef?" Okay, okay! I'll now proceed to give you the full-on low-down on belt buckles. To paraphrase our old pal,, "Belt buckles have a clasp for fastening two ends, as of straps or a belt, in which a device attached to one of the ends is fitted or coupled to the other."

Ha! And you thought my miscellaneous ramblings from here, deep in the bowels of Gold Mountain Mining Company, about belt buckles was boring. Anyway, in its belt buckles article, the 'pedia does go on to say "the Classic Western Belt Buckle has secured a loyal following of collectors," thus keeping interest alive.

A Spectacle of Belt Buckles

Yeah, yeah. We know. There are a lot of other kind of belt buckles than western belt buckles. But we here at Gold Mountain Mining Company will argue all day until the cows come home that western belt buckles receive the most attention for very good reason. Just take one look at the 100 belt buckles shown on our trophy buckle page! You will undoubtedly see what the heck we are talking about. Never will you see such a spectacle of belt buckles. Here you will behold more creative, artistic and just truly beautiful belt buckles than you had thought possible. Really and truly.

There are many stories about the origins and history of belt buckles. We could go ahead and reprint all these different versions of the history of belt buckles, but we really don't know which version is truly correct and, honestly, it would just muddy the waters of this candidly hysterical story about belt buckles. If you've gotten this far in this silly Gold Mountain Mining Company belt buckles article, than you are undoubtedly amazed how this could have happened. And so are we! We offer you our sincere thanks for plodding along. Spending the precious moments of your God-given life plodding through a seemingly directionless article about belt buckles is truly a gift to us. Let us at Gold Mountain Mining Company return the favor and offer you the opportunity - by purchasing some belt buckles - to show just why we have such a fantastic reputation for superior customer service.


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