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Western Wedding

Welcome to Montana Lifestyles Western Weddings! Montana Silversmiths knows how much goes into the perfect western wedding. We at Gold Mountain Trading hope you will find these products helpful in planning your dream western wedding. Weddings are rooted in tradition, so they share common elements-the dress, the cake, the flowers etc. These provide countless ways to be creative and make your western wedding reflect your taste. Congratulations and happy trails!

Two Trails Become One Road

In tails and white, you’ll leave tonight, with the one that you love so,
You must allow us one last chance to tell you what we know.
As feather legged horses strain against each single tree,
Life’s heavy burdens shared by two are drawn more easily.
And though you’re now together, yoked in love and grace,
Push not against each other, respect the others trace.
Love shared is not divided, but multiplied you see,
It’s the only time I know, when one and one adds up to three…
Or four, or five, or six, or even seven,
But be assured each red round face is an angel straight from heaven.
It’s time to take your parents love, store it safely, deep within,
A new page in your book of life you must today begin.
As together you ride separately, two trails become one road,
That leads toward your destiny, God bless and share your load.

- Steve Miller

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