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Montana SilversmithsWorking with Montana Silversmiths since 1978, Montana Silversmiths is now who we are, and Montana Silversmiths is what we do! Count on great prices and great service from Gold Mountain Trading, your friendly Montana Silversmiths experts!

2013 NFR Stuff by Montana Silversmiths
Buckles, Money Clips & Jewelry

Montana Silversmiths Belt Buckles
Custom, Trophy, Figure, Western, Economy ... it's all here!
(287 styles)

Trophies, Awards & Gifts
Recognition gifts for everyone.

Western Jewelry by Montana Silversmiths
* Jewelry Sets
* Necklaces
* Earrings
* Bracelets
* Rings
* Barrettes

Western Watches by Montana Silversmiths
(46 styles)

Money Clips by Montana Silversmiths
(28 styles)

Western Bolo Ties by Montana Silversmiths
(11 styles)

Western Sculptures & Home Décor by Montana Silversmiths
Tables, lamps, sculptures, dinnerware & more

Cowboy Kickers™ Boot Slippers by Montana Silversmiths
For Kids & Adults

2012 NFR Stuff by Montana Silversmiths
Buckles, Money Clips & Jewelry

2011 NFR Stuff by Montana Silversmiths
Buckles, Money Clips & Jewelry

John Deere
Belt Buckles and other Goodies!

Western Wedding
Everything for your classy western wedding

Cowgirl Up / Cowboy Up Jewelry & Belt Buckles by Montana Silversmiths
... and a few things for cowboys too!

Texas Stuff from Montana Silversmiths
Money clips, watches, buckles, bracelets ...

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Montana Silversmiths logoMontana Silversmiths ... The best there is!

Our third-generation family business proudly offers -- with INSTANT REBATES -- the full catalog of top-quality Montana Silversmiths western buckles, trophy awards, jewelry, western home decor and accessories. If you do not see what you're looking for, call us toll free or contact us here.

Montana Silversmiths proprietary metals finish simply won't tarnish. Most items are die-struck from hand engraved masters, finished with an extremely durable silver and gold electroplate and state-of-the-art MONTANA ARMOR™ tarnish protection.

Take the Montana Silversmiths Tour in located in Columbus, Montana. The plant sits on the Yellowstone River near the foothills of the Beartooth Mountains where, for 30 years, Montana Silversmiths' craftspeople have manufactured quality western goods. Your partners in a Western lifestyle!

The Montana Silversmiths Story

Montana Silversmiths began in a little filling station in 1973, when Kent Williams was inspired by a metalsmithing process that would soon revolutionize the silver business. It is there, on Main Street in Columbus, Montana (455 families) that the non-tarnishing, durable and inexpensive MONTANA ARMOR™ belt buckle finish came into being. With that stroke of genius, his fledgling company solved a long-time problem for retailers like us at Gold Mountain Trading. (We had previously shied away from selling silver western buckles and custom trophy belt buckles because they were high-cost, high-maintenance products that had to be polished regularly.)

Montana Silversmiths = American Craftsmanship

Montana SilversmithsAlthough Montana Silversmiths started out as a buckle company, it today offers the broadest line of western buckles, watches, jewelry, gifts, and home décor in the western lifestyle industry. Montana Silversmiths is still doing American craftsmanship in Columbus but now from a sparkling production facility on the laconic banks of the Yellowstone River. The facility mimics the gem-like quality of their custom trophy belt buckles, western belt buckles and now western jewelry, western watches, and western home décor.

But even with all its success, Montana Silversmiths is still known fondly in Columbus as "the buckle shop". For an inside look of the company, take a look at our Montana Silversmiths tour.

As a wholesaler, Montana Silversmiths relies on retailers like Gold Mountain Trading to do public sales on their behalf. As you read this article, you will come to understand why we are so proud to represent this fine company. Through our BuckleBuilder tool, we sell more custom trophy belt buckles for Montana Silversmiths than any retailer in the 25 countries in which the brand has outlets. Custom trophy belt buckles are awarded to worthy contestants in rodeos, horse clubs, schools, and even "vanity" uses for individuals. Highly customizable, the sky is the limit with custom trophy belt buckles.

Montana Silversmiths Pride

The Good Life at Montana Silversmiths"When I came to Montana Silversmiths in 2000," says Director of Marketing Judy Wagner, "at the first meeting I participated in, people were getting awards for 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of perfect attendance," she said. "I wondered, 'who are these people and why does it work like this?' Well, there's just a LOT of company pride."

The business philosophy and values at Montana Silversmiths have always included creativity, innovation, passion and hard work.

"The secret to the success of Montana Silversmiths," says Judy, "is the rock-solid relationships we have built over the years, like the one we have with Gold Mountain Trading. Yes, Montana Silversmiths crafts beautiful buckles and jewelry, but our other priority is to build tight relationships with our partners."

Montana Silversmiths Scholarship

Montana Silversmiths ScholarshipIt seems only natural, then, that a human-centered company like Montana Silversmiths would start a great scholarship program - the Montana Silversmiths Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship Awards for high school and college students. This program is another reflection of Montana Silversmiths core values.

It was all Judy's idea. "When my kids were in high school rodeo and college rodeo, I thought that maybe there was something we could do for kids that went beyond buckles. So we've created the Montana Silversmiths 'Everybody Wins Program.'"

A portion of every buckle purchased through the program is allocated directly to the scholarship fund. Scholarships from Montana Silversmiths are awarded for self-improvement, achieving goals, involvement in a western way of life, possessing sportsmanship skills and involvement in the community. The Montana Silversmiths Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship rewards a "can do" philosophy, which continually works on improving skills, both scholastically and personally. Those who are interested in applying should call Montana Silversmiths directly at 1-888-677-9487.

Montana Silversmiths & The PRCA, NFR & OthersMontana Silversmiths Craftsmanship

In the spring of 2000, Montana Silversmiths became the "Official Silversmith of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association." This is a true honor, and we at Gold Mountain Trading proudly offer the PRCA National Finals Rodeo commemorative buckles. These limited edition buckles from Montana Silversmiths require expert craftsmanship, care, precision and several thousand man-hours to complete.

Montana Silversmiths is now locked in tight as the acknowledged leader in western belt buckles and accessories. Montana Silversmiths proudly produces the Wrangler PRCA National Finals Rodeo Champion Buckles, Dodge National Circuit Finals Buckles and the Wrangler National Finals Go-Round awards. Montana Silversmiths also has sponsorships with the American Quarter Horse Association and Miss Rodeo America.

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