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Moosehide Moccasins by Minnetonka

Minnetonka Moccasins, Shoes, Footwear & Hats
Moccasins and more

Men's & Women's Genuine Moose Driving Moccasin Shoe
Moosehide Driving Moccasin

Driving never felt so good! Ladies or men's, 2 colors

Men's Straight Plug Moosehide Moccasin by Minnetonka
Men's Straight Plug - Moosehide

3 colors, wide widths and XL sizes

Women's Straight Plug Moosehide Moccasin by Minnetonka
Women's Straight Plug - Moosehide

Select from 3 colors

Moosehide Slipper
Moosehide Slipper

Men only!

Women's Fringed Kilty Moosehide Moccasin by Minnetonka
Moosehide Fringed Kilty

Available in wide sizes and 3 colors

Moosehide Weekend Moccasin by Minnetonka
Moosehide Weekend Moccasin

The handsewn classic - Men only


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