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The Brat & The Custom Belt Buckle

"I want a custom belt buckle!" screamed the little tike. He couldn't have been knee high to a ground squirrel, but I'm telling ya, ya'll ain't never seen such a fuss. Three feet tall and this package of adolescent temper had one focus at this moment in his very young life. "I want a custom belt buckle!" he screamed yet again. "And it has to be from BuckleBuilder.com!"

Montana Silversmiths Trophy Buckle 2116BE

3¾" x 5"
6 Ribbons

MSRP: $189.00
W/Instant Rebate: $166.49

Now, I hate to start off a story with something as despicable as a young'in gettin' all riled up. No, wait: what I really mean to say is that I hate to start off a story with a SPOILED BRAT as the lead character! But heck, it got yer attention, didn't it? I'm writin' this hear article about getting' yerself a custom belt buckle from BuckleBuilder.com and, well, the truth is that such things of beauty like a custom belt buckle such as the ones we will lovingly supply to you do actually inspire passion in people, both young and old.

The Custom Belt Buckle Passion

They say that in order for passion to happen, both love and hate need to be present. Well, that's certainly the case with our little cowboy, knowing for all the world that he wants a custom belt buckle. And there's the rub. You see, a custom belt buckle should never, ever go to someone just because they want it. By all rights, people need to deserve a custom belt buckle. We here at BuckleBuilder.com have been dishing up quality custom belt buckle for years and, no matter how many of these we ship over the course of a year, the fact remains that every single one of these gems are truly special. It just seems that the laws of the universe should dictate the a quality custom belt buckle should only be given as a true reward, not just cuz someone has an extra $70 - $200 lyin' around.

This annoying child really needs to learn the adage that "all good things come to those who wait." And then, of course, there's the old standby of "sit down and shut up." He can scream all he wants for his custom belt buckle but it just ain't gonna happen. Look, we at BuckleBuilder.com will gladly supply the world with every custom belt buckle that it asks for, but seriously, we are not about to just hand 'em to out to just about anyone who wants one!

The Global Custom Belt Buckle Demand

Okay, we at BuckleBuilder.com are not naïve enough to believe we have never sold a custom belt buckle to someone undeserving. Our custom belt buckle customers come from all corners of these United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and other countries you may never even heard of! The global demand for a quality custom belt buckle is truly overwhelming. Yes, this demand is a blessing for our business, BuckleBuilder.com, and we are certainly not complaining, but we know that we probably have actually sent out a custom belt buckle or two to someone who truly does not value it the way they should.

Well, now listen to us just go on and on about the power of a custom belt buckle. But heck! This is something we are passionate about! We love the buckles and really feel sort of nauseous if we see 'em being taken for granted. Our family here at BuckleBuilder.com has been in the jewelry business for the better part of 70 years and we have never taken a quality piece of metal smithing (like a great Montana Silversmiths custom belt buckle) for granted. To this day, we truly hold our breath before opening the gift box of a new custom belt buckle, waiting to behold its beauty!

So forgive us if we have just a little revulsion to a screaming brat demanding a custom belt buckle!

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