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Chloride City, Arizona

Map to Chloride, Arizona

Arizona Ghost Town - Chrloride City #1
Jailhouse at Chloride City.
Arizona Mining Town - Chloride City #2
Now a ghost town, Chloride City was one of the earliest mining camps in the Arizona Territory. Named for silver chloride ore, the town grew from the Silver Hill strike of the 1860s. Reaching the isolated Silver Hill mines required taking a river steamboat 300 miles upstream from Yuma to Hardyville (near today's Bullhead City), and then crossing 38 miles of unforgiving desert.
Arizona Ghost Town - Chloride City #3

Chloride was dangerous territory. In 1863, Hualapai Indians commandeered some miner's guns, shooting one and killing two more by throwing rocks down their mine shaft. But fortune seekers continued to come and by 1900, Chloride City reached a population of 2,000.
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