Tammy Capps

Tammy Capps

How does she do it? That's what the rest of us here at Gold Mountain Mining Co. want to know about our Manager of Web Operations, Tammy Capps.

Most of us in modern American life are really busy. But Tammy seems to doing this at a whole other level.

Always first and foremost, Tammy is raising three and a half boys. Half? We'll get to that shortly.

Come Fridays at 5:01 p.m., after a busy week of helping customers with their western goods here at GoldMountainMining.com, the chances are good that Tammy's already in the Gold Mountain Mining Co. parking lot, turning the key of her Ford Explorer, on her way to pick up the kids to head out for another weekend of BMX racing at one of the tracks scattered throughout the western U.S.

One of Tammy's sons, Connor McIntire, is ranked seventh in the nation for his age group in the A.B.A., the American Bicycle Association.

"BMX is life," she says.

When the family is not out and about at a BMX practice or race, they are probably with nephew Brandon. Brandon is the "half" son mentioned above.

"We're with him as much as we can," she says of Brandon, who is autistic. "Our family decided early on that we would do all we can to raise him in as normal a life as possible. He's absolutely hilarious and brightens the day of anyone who's around him."

Brandon is very sharp and, as anyone who has known an autistic person, a bit off the wall.

"The other day," she says, "he just out of nowhere said to Kelly [Tammy's sister and Brandon's mom], 'Mother, you're a very sexy, beautiful woman!"

Another big chunk Tammy's life is committed to being present for Kelly, who has cerebral palsy. Oh, yeah: Tammy also attends night school. And have we mentioned yet that she hangs out with the rest of us here at the web site full time?

"I love my job," she says.

"Why do you love your job, Tammy?"

"I really get off on the feeling you get when you do right by others. It's what happens when I treat customers just as I would want to be treated. I really get a lot of satisfaction from that." Obviously, we are thrilled to have her here with us.

Born in Ohio and raised in Benicia, California, Tammy moved to Arizona in 1993. For those who really want to know all you can about Tammy, her favorite food is chicken and dumplings and her mind is a sponge for movie trivia.

"I love almost everything about Arizona ... except for the summers! I love being so close to skiing, but also the ocean at Rocky Point [Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico]. The monsoon season is wonderful, but the heat is a bit much for me."

One of these days, the boys will be all away from the house. Then what? "I can't wait until my kids have kids," she says. "I want to be one of those scrapbooking grandmothers."

What else? "I want to travel to Hawaii and Europe. But I also want travel the country in a motor home, hitting all the NASCAR races I can."


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