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Sheepskin Boot

Sheepskin Boot
Sheepskin Boot
* 9-inch100% sheepskin boot.
* Minnetonka Moccasin's fine sheepskin boots breathe, keeping your feet comfortable indoors and out.
* The soft, natural wool helps wick moisture away from your skin, keeping feet warm and comfortable.
* Lightweight rubber boot sole provides traction and durability.
* Ships direct from Minnetonka Moccasin manufacturing facility to you.
* All orders processed within 48 hours. Please allow seven business days to ship.
Not available
outside the U.S.

Women's 8 1/2 inch Golden Tan: 
Women's 8 1/2 inch Black: 
Women's 8 1/2 inch Grey (not shown): 
Men's 9-inch Golden Tan: 

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