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Cowhide Photo Album

Sorry, this Cowhide Photo Album is no longer available.

Cowhide Photo Album by Montana Silversmiths
M-25526Catalog: $120.00Discount: $106.79
Cowhide Photo AlbumCowhide Photo Album Mirror by Montana Silversmiths. Stitched leather and hair on cowhide. Includes genuine Montana Silversmiths three-piece silver engraved buckle set. 24 sleeves hold 96 photos.

Click images to enlarge. 7.75" long x 2" deep x 9.5" tall. Usually ships in 1 - 3 days.

RANCH HOUSE COLLECTION — Decorative cowhide, with its unique quality translated into ranch style furnishings and accessories, reflect the tradition and craftsmanship of the Old West. The full grain hair on cowhide of this Western Cowhide Photo Album gives each piece a special, unique look. Live the legend with the Ranch House Collection.

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