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Black Buckle


Black Buckle 11313 by Montana Silversmiths. 3½" x 4½". Base price includes date trim, the figure of your choice and three engraveable ribbons. Handsome and durable black nickel finish. Shown with Barrel Racer figure #649.

Option: Add one stone to the center of each of the three flowers. See "Extras" below.

The Catalog of Figures may be downloaded here. Download Tip

Engraving COLORS may be viewed here.

Read our Trophy Buckle Frequently Asked Questions.
Orders of 10 or more qualify for further discounts.

MT-11313Montana Silversmiths price: $125.00Discount: $111.29
* Figure, Brand or Logo: 
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* Color of Engraving on Front of Buckle: 
Ribbon #1 Engrave (18 characters): 
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Ribbon #3 Engrave (15 characters): 
Engrave on Back?: 

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Date (Year):

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Ships in 4 - 6 weeks. Shipping dates can vary depending on seasonal demand, selected style and parts inventory.

black Buckle Presentation Box Packaging — Black buckle arrives in an attractive clamshell gift box, ready for presentation or gift giving. (Click image to enlarge)

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